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The Alhambra Palace in Granada & Tickets


Visit the Alhambra Palace in Granada Spain and Tickets: Best tips for visiting the Fort with the Generalife Gardens: Opening Hours, Buying Tickets for this Moorish Alhambra Palace in the Spanish City of Granada, Andalusia.

Alhambra in Granada: Info & Tickets palace

How to reach? You can opt for a 20-minute walk (see bottom of page), taxi / car (parking info see below), bus C3: Alhambra - Plaza Isabel La Católica or take a taxi from the city center for about 7 euros.
Tickets Alhambra

How to buy Alhambra tickets?

  • Tickets for a day visit range from 15,40 € to 44,50 €. For cheap tickets, you will need to book months in advance. So most tourists will opt for the AlhambraCard that gives you the best value for money. Check the availability of tickets here.

Important: Given that Alhambra is often sold out weeks in advance, buying your tickets online is an unfortunate necessity (Update: Since January 2018 it is no longer possible to buy tickets at the palace itself!) You can choose from these reliable options:

Opening hours
  • 15 October - 14 March: Daily from 8:30 - 18:00h. Evening visits Friday and Saturday 20:00 - 21:30h.
  • 15 March - 14 October: Daily from 8:30 - 20:00h. Evening visits Tuesday and Saturday 22:00 - 23:30h.
  • Closed on December 25 and January 1st.
Extra Info Every day there is a quota how many visitors can visit the Alhambra (300 per hour). Buying tickets in advance is necessary and you must stick to the time slot.

History of the Alhambra palace & Generalife

The Alhambra is a medieval fortress and palace in Granada and certainly one of Spain's highlights. The palace complex of the Alhambra originates from the period of Moorish conquest (Nasrid sultans) and means qasr alhamrā in Arabic, or the Red Palace. The red colour comes from the red clay the stones mixed in with the stones and in the softer evening light, they give the building complex a beautiful dark red colour.

The fortress (Alcazaba) is situated strategically atop a hill and is largely visible from Granada's city centre. Within the walls of the fortress, you can find stunning Arabic Nashrid palaces, the lovely gardens of summer palace Generalife, imposing Christian churches and medieval towers.

palace alhambraMirador de Daraxa (
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A Moorish palace in Andalusia

This 'city within a city' was built in the 13th century by the Moors on Sabika hill in Granada. After the Catholic royal couple conquered the city of Granada from the Moors in 1492, this palace was also taken in possession. In 1526, their grandson Charles V commissioned the build of a renaissance style palace in the centre of the Alhambra. A special feature of the Alhambra are the many marvellous Moorish decorations from the period of Yusuf I. Moreover, the palace has now been beautifully restored: Marble columns and floors, ceilings of fine woodwork, walls with impressive calligraphies and transverse archways with geometric figures. The Parador de Granada can also be found in the gardens of the Alhambra. This is the former monastery of San Francisco where, originally, the Catholic kings were buried.

Visit the Alhambra & Ticketsale

The Alhambra is the highlight of Granada and should certainly be part of your Granada city trip. You can spend a full day exploring the palace and its surrounding gardens. To be certain of tickets, it is necessary to buy tickets online on time! Each half hour, for each time slot, only 300 people are allowed to visit the Alhambra-Nasrid palace. Buying tickets on location is almost impossible; the Alhambra is often already sold out weeks in advance. Do not take any chances and buy your tickets on time so you don't miss one of Spain's major highlights!

Sights of the Alhambra

The Nasrid palace is the original Moorish palace of the Nasrid Sultans who inhabited it during the 13th and 14th century. This palace area - where Alhambra tickets are required - consists of the following buildings:

  • The Mexuar: The oldest part, where the sultan of Granada received his subordinates. In this reception hall, important decisions were made regarding legal and business affairs.
  • Palacio de Comares: This is the sultan's palace which was built around the Patio de los Arrayanes. The water reservoir in the middle has a beautiful reflective function. In the palace, you will find several halls such as the ambassador's hall, the Sala de Barca and the Torre de Comares with nine bedrooms.
  • Palacio de los Leones: This Court of Lions palace from 1377 features a patio with an impressive marble fountain in the middle, which is borne by twelve water-spouting lions and surrounded by the palace's 124 columns. The Court of Lions must surely be a reflection of paradise: the 124 white marble columns symbolise palm trees, the twelve lions symbolise the twelve zodiac signs and the four water canals leading to the fountain represent the four rivers of paradise. Around the patio, you can find the bedchamber of the sultan and his wives and the Sala de los Reyes intended for large family gatherings.
  • Mirador de Daraxa: The residence of the harem of the Sultan.
  • Los baños: The impressive baths of the palace that were an important part of the Islamic tradition.
palace alhambraView to the fortress El Albaicin
Skip the Line Tickets Alhambra GranadaPatio de los Leones, the Court of Lions
Entrance Price AlhambraPatio of Palacio Carlos V

Free section of the Alhambra

In addition, you will find the following sights around the Nasriden Palace, which you can visit for free :

  • Palacio Carlos V: This gigantic square palace in Renaissance style was built in 1527 by order of Carlos V and lies in the centre of the Alhambra. This palace of Carlos V was built after the complex was reconquered from the Moors and the large circular courtyard with two column galleries is certainly striking.
  • Generalife: The absolutely gorgeous gardens and adjacent summer palace where the sultans would find tranquillity between fountains, ponds and green terrace gardens in the Generalife summer palace. The many scents of the herbs and vegetable garden complete the paradise-like experience of the Generalife gardens.
  • Alcazar fortress: The military stronghold and fortress from the 11th century; double defensive walls and mighty towers had to protect the city. This fortress formed the first basis for the impregnable stronghold of the Moorish kings. From the Torre de la Vela you have a splendid view over Granada, Sacromonte and the Albaicin District.
El alhambra Alcazar, the fortress of the inside
Generalife Alhambra GranadaGeneralife gardens of the summer palace
Tickets AlhambraView from Generalife Palace

How do I get to the Alhambra Palace?

The Alhambra is just over a twenty-minute walk from Granada (o.a. Plaza Nueva and the Cathedral). From the center it's almost a mile to reach the palace. You can climb the hill via two sides: via the Cuesta de Gomérez or when you are near the Albaicin-district via the Paseo de los Tristes.

Parking near the Alhambra?

Parking near the entrance is possible, but pricey. At the Camino Viejo del Cementerio there is a large car park (accessible via Ronda Sur). Parking costs may be up to 3 euros per hour during high season. From the parking lot you can walk to the inner city in about 15 minutes.

Official website Alhambra and German site about the Alhambra.

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