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An overview of all Granada sights, museums, parks and other top 10 highlights during a Granada citytrip. What to see in Granada Spain?

Top 10 Attractions of Granada - Spain

During your city trip of Granada, these are the Top 10 most famous highlights and the most visited attractions Granada in Andalusia. Granada has one of the most famous tourist attractions in the whole of Spain; the impressive Moorish Alhambra palace. But you can also spend hours roaming the caves district of Sacromonte and the Albaicín district in this Spanish student city.

During your visit and citytrip to Granada, this is the Top 10 most visited sights in Granada:

Alhambra Granada

1. The Alhambra

The Alhambra is a Moorish fortress and palace built on the hill of Granada and one of the most famous attractions in the whole of Spain. Alhambra means the 'red palace' and was founded by the Nasrid Sultans. You can easily spend an entire day exploring, because the Alhambra also includes the summer palace Generalife with its gorgeous gardens, the palace of Charles V and the Alcazar stronghold. Please note: The Alhambra has limited access and is often sold out weeks in advance, so make sure to order your tickets online on time. More information of the Alhambra.

Attractions Granada Albaicin Quarter

2. 'El Albaicín' District

The Albaicín is the oldest Arab district in Granada at the foot of the hill of the Alhambra. This (tourist) district has a Moorish palace 'Dar Al-Horra' and a public bath. The district is a maze of small cobblestone streets and tiny squares; a great place to wander around. From the 'Mirador de San Nicolas' you have one of the best views of the Alhambra palace. Read more about 'El Albaicín'.

Cathedral of Granada

3. Cathedral of Granada

The Catedral de Granada is the 16th century cathedral in the city centre, dedicated to the Virgin of the Incarnation. The cathedral is a mix of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque styles. Next to the cathedral of Granada is the 'Capilla Real', the burial chapel for kings.

Sights Granada Spain

4. Capilla Real

In the Royal burial chapel ('Capilla Real') from 1517, situated next to the cathedral, one can find the Gothic style mausoleum of several catholic royal couples, including Isabella and Ferdinand who reconquered the city from the Moors. More info 'Capilla Real'.


5. Sacromonte

Sacromonte, bordering the El Albaicín district, is a 15th century gipsy quarter located on the hill with typical cave homes. The Sacromonte quarter of Granada with its steep streets has a long-standing tradition of flamenco performed by the Spanish gypsies (Gitanos or Roma). Visit one of the typical caves for a flamenco show in the evening. Furthermore, the district has a museum about the caves and you can enjoy the stunning view nearby the Sacromonte abbey.

El Bañuelo

6. El Bañuelo (Arab baths)

The 11th century El Bañuelo, or the Arab baths, is the oldest and best preserved Arab public bath ('hammam') of Andalusia situated in the El Albaicín district. Visits are free and it is one of the few Moorish buildings that was not torn down after Granada was reconquered by the Spanish kings.

Granada Attractions

7. Monastery 'La Cartuja'

The 'Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción' is an impressive monastery from 1506 of the strict Carthusian Order situated on the north hill of the city. A lovely, but considerable hike to make if you are staying in Granada for a longer period of time and according to experts the most beautiful monastery in Spain, despite its austere exterior. More about the monastery.

Sights Sierra Nevada

8. Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada form the high mountains with snowy mountain tops nearby the city. The mountainous area offers a great day out from Granada. Go for a walk through the stunning nature or enjoy the 85 kilometres of ski slopes during the season. More info 'Sierra Nevada'.

Top 10 Highlights Granada

9. Basílica de San Juan de Dios

The church is dedicated to the patron saint of Granada 'John of God'. The exterior is an austere church, but the inside is truly overwhelming with all its (gold leaf) splendour. A perfect combination with the adjacent Monasterio de Jéronimo, or the Hieronymites Monastery.

La Alcaicería market highlights

10. La Alcaicería - Bazaar of Granada

The Alcaicería market is the 'Big Bazaar' and the original Moorish side market. Today, La Alcaicería is a tourist market near Plaza de Bib-Rambla square. The ideal place to score your souvenirs.

Buildings in Granada

Alhambra Granada tickets Generalife
Alhambra de Granada, the world famous Moorish palace
Palacio de Dar-Al-Horra
Palacio de Dar-Al-Horra, a 15th century Moorish palace in the Arab district
Alhambra Generalife Granada
Generalife, the summer palace with beautiful gardens, fountains and ponds near the Alhambra
Corral del Carbon
Corral del Carbon, the old grain fair and nowadays housing various craft shops
Plaza Nueva Granada
Iglesia de Santa Ana, church at Plaza Nueva square
Monasterio de Jéronimo
Monasterio de Jéronimo, or the monastery of Hieronymus
Capilla Real and Cathedral
Cathedral of Granada with the Royal Chapel 'Capilla Real'
Monastery La Cartuja
Monastery 'La Cartuja', or 'Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción'

Squares, streets and parks in Granada

Plaza Nueva Granada
Plaza Nueva, the oldest square of the city with the Royal Chancellery and Iglesia de Santa Ana
Paseo de los Tristes
Paseo de los Tristes, the famous street to the Sacromonte neighborhood
Plaza de Bib-rambla
Plaza de Bib-rambla, the main square in the shopping area full of terraces
Carmen de los Mártires Park
Carmen de los Mártires, a beautiful and quiet park not far from the Alhambra palace

More attractions in Granada

Parque de las ciencias
Parque de las ciencias, the science museum
Sierra Nevada Granada
Sierra Nevada, the mountain area around Granada

Granada has all the elements for a wonderful city trip of one or a couple of days. Order your tickets in advance for one of the most famous and most visited attractions of Spain, the Moorish Alhambra palace. Explore the typical districts El Albaicín and Sacromonte and enjoy the affordable bars and restaurants with free tapas with every drink.

Granada with children

Do you visit Granada with children? Then consider the following activities:

  • Aquaola water park: A 10 minutes drive from Granada in the village of 'Cenes de la Vega' is a water park with several swimming pools and a wide range of water slides.
  • Science Park: The interactive science museum is the most visited museum of Andalucia. The museum is a fun way for young and old to get acquainted with natural science phenomena.

Tour of Andalusia?

The city of Granada is perfect to combine with a tour of Andalusia. Visit other highlights of Andalusia such as the cities of Malaga, Cordoba (with the Mosque-Cathedral of Mezquita) and beautiful Seville (with the Royal Alcazar Palace). The beautiful city of Granada with its many attractions will certainly not disappoint you!

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